You can do it, we can help!

At Coastline we believe that we are all called and empowered to live as witnesses of God’s love. We all have first-hand experience of God’s goodness that others need to see, hear and experience. We want to help you express God’s goodness into our community through Missional Grants.

Missional Grants provide you with coaching and financial assistance ($50-$500) to empower you to foster friendships with the people right around you. Through Missional Grants we are able to be the living proof of our loving God to yet-to-believe friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. Our primary aim is not to run a service project, nor highlight Coastline, our goal is to help you foster friendships that will experience the goodness of God. Why? Because The Gospel travels best through friendship.

Have an idea?! Fill out an application and we will contact you to set up next steps.