Our hearts are the driving force of life. What comes from our hearts determines the direction and narrative of our lives, and yet our hearts so often seem slow to change, slow to transform, and often feel down right unchangeable. The slow, unchanging nature of our hearts can lead us to questions like: I love God, yet why do I sin so much? I believe in God, yet why is my prayer life so dry? I go to church, yet why do I never seem to grow? In our teaching series Layers, we will explore such questions and glean God's process for transforming our seemingly stubborn hearts. Layers will provide opportunities to explore the layers of your heart and learn how to open up your life to the transforming presence of God.

Engage with the series.

We have several ways to take things deeper during this Lenten season.
We hope you join us on this journey into the layers in our hearts.

Daily Prayer

Every day through Lent, we invite you to pray the Layers Prayer with us. We encourage you to take your time praying through each section. We will also pray it together every Sunday in our service. You can access the prayer below. 

Spiritual Direction

We are partnering with South Bay Soul Care and gifting every congregant with 1 session of Spiritual Direction during our Lent series.  Not sure what this is? List to the Feb. 22 episode of our podcast! We encourage you to take advantage of this gift by signing up at the link below!

Spiritual Retreat

To close out our series, join us on a Spiritual Retreat in Idyllwild, CA ! This retreat will give you an opportunity to continue the journey that was started during Lent. See the registration link for all the details. 

Food Fast

During the week of March 17th, join us for a food fast. Choose 1, 2, or 3 days. We will gather over Zoom on Sunday, March 17th at 8pm to kick it off,  and for the next three nights (18, 19, 20) to connect and cheer each other on. Break your fast with your Community Group if you are a part of one!

Weekly Sermons

Join us for our Layers sermon series during the Lenten season. 


Our podcast episodes will have interviews with different leaders and professionals who specialize in helping us navigate our hearts.  Hear from Lianne De La Pena, Susan Johnson, Margaret Grieco, Melinda Hurley, and Dr. Jeannine Hanger! 

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If you call Coastline home, we would love to make sure your information is current and correct in our church database! Please help us out by updating or adding information for you and/or your household.

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